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L.C Betéti Társaság has an office and company of two employees, one office manager and one IT specialist.

Our company and office is managed by: Pataki Gábor and Birta Veronika

According to our current records, L.C. Bt. maintains a regular working relationship with 150 translators, in the spirit of "Europeanism", from Tallinn to Sofia. Both the company head and the office manager of L.C. Betéti Társaság thoroughly know the translators and interpreters employed, which ensures an uninterrupted flow of information among experts. We were the first in Hungary not to be ‘lost for words’ when clients requested English/Ukrainian, French/Lithuanian or even Turkish/German interpreters or translators - and we still have the largest turnover of such assignments.

The office makes the vocabularies, terminology lists, background materials produced for earlier translations on similar subjects available to interpreters and translators, and our experts also exchange relevant private collections of terminology - coordinated by the office. In order to ensure consistency of translation, the office organises consulting sessions prior to commencing certain assignments.

In case the topic of a translation agrees with that of a conference or training course concurrently implemented with the participation of experts delegated by the company (see the group of long-standing clients), a continuous consultation facility is provided to our experts.

Our specialist staff hone their knowledge and skills reading Hungarian and foreign technical publications and journals – as most of them also work as conference interpreters for state organisations and international organisations, such as the National Assembly of Hungary, the Constitutional Court, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Office of the National Council of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the National Police Headquarters, the Customs and Excise Guard, the Border Guard, the European Parliament and the European Commission, the Council of Europe, NATO or the Western European Union – they gain an insight into the current political and public administration processes.

 In case of similar earlier projects, we have followed a practice whereby one lector of each language handles and updates the relevant terminology lists, additions to which is a contractual obligation for each of our specialists. The glossary of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) has been maintained and extended by our team of experts and our company for approximately eight years.


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