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Pintér Tamás


Pintér Tamás (January 19, 1952)

Nationality: Hungarian

Native language: Hungarian

Education: advanced university degree Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Teacher’s Training College, Pécs 1970-1974

Teacher of English as a Second Language, Teacher of Hungarian Language and Literature ELTE University of Sciences, Budapest 1976-1982

Teacher of English as a Second Language ELTE University of Sciences, Budapest 1988

Translator and interpreter

Key qualifications:

• conference interpreter

• translator

• teacher of English as a Second language

• teacher of translation and interpretation

Professional experience

1991-2011 Budapest Z & T Bt.

Partner executive, simultaneous interpreter and translator Interpreting and translating full time,

1991 Brussels JISC (SCIC) Visiting professor

Studied requirements of interpretation at EU Commission

1984-1991 Budapest, Hungary College for Foreign Trade Junior and later senior lecturer

Subjects taught: ESL, negotiation skills, interpretation, translation 1984-1991 Budapest

Freelance interpreter and translator Interpretation and translation at a variety of conferences and for public administration bodies including Ministry of Labour

1979-1981 Albany, Louisiana, USA Albany Elementary, Hammond University Associate Teacher, Visiting Professor

Subjects taught: Hungarian as a Second Language, methodology of teaching Hungarian as a second language 1976-1984 Pécs, Hungary

Freelance interpreter and translator Odd jobs, including interpretation at summer university courses and local businesses

1976-1983 Pécs, Hungary Teacher’s Training College, Pécs, later JPTE Junior lecturer of English Subjects taught: linguistics, English and American culture, methodology, phonetics

Other relevant information • Interpreter and translator for the Hungarian Presidency 2011

• Interpreter for EUROJUST

• Interprets regularly at business and financial conferences, live exchange trading shows organised by Portfolio.hu

• Interprets and translates for several customers including the US Embassy, USDA, US Embassy Commercial Section, UK Embassy, UK-Hungary Chamber of Commerce, KPMG, Deloitte, Hungarian State Audit Office, Hungarian Ministry of Finance, AON, EU Economic and Social Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Swisscham, Technical University of Budapest etc.

• Regularly interprets and translates for the National Bank of Hungary, the Hungarian State Audit Office and the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority

• Translated annual reports for banks and exchange listed companies (TVK, OTP Jelzálogbank, Richter etc.)

• Acted as official interpreter and translator of the Budapest Stock Exchange for ten years • Acted as interpreter and translator for the Board of Directors of TVK Rt., a leading petrochemical company in the CE region, 1998-2006

• Acted as interpreter and translator for the Danish-Hungarian EU Twinning Project ‘Closing the Gender Gap in the Labour Market’ 2003

• Assigned to interpret for Prince Charles upon HRH’s visit to Hungary, 2001

• Acted as interpreter and translator for World Bank during the reform of the social security system in Hungary

• Interpreted and translated for several US bidders during the privatisation of the Hungarian energy sector (NRGEnergy, Northern States Power)

• Acted as interpreter and translator for Business Basics Foundation on a regular basis, including the conference organised to set up the Central European Business Women’s Academy (CEBWA)

• Translated several software packages into Hungarian (part of Windows, part of Word for Windows, Oracle Financials, the trading software of the Budapest Stock Exchange)

• Translated several Web sites into English and Hungarian

• Translated all the regulations of the Budapest Stock Exchange

• Published several college text books (Phonetics and Phonology, Grammar for Correspondent Students, etc.)


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