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L.C. Betéti Társaság – L.C. Limited Partnership – was founded on 5 December 1990. The Company’s main line of business is provision and organization of translation and interpreting services.



  • simultaneous interpreting
  • conference interpreting
  •  consecutive interpreting
  • escort interpreting (for business or other activities)


Translation and interpretation assignments include the following situations and fields: financial meetings, conferences, negotiations, contracts, law/legislation, deeds, reports, sale and purchase agreements, banking, finance, accounting, auditing, press releases, news, publications, documents, annual reports, contracts and other legal documents, tender documentations, etc.


Special services:

  • Translation of company presentation videos, documentaries or feature films for voiceover or subtitles 
  • Subtitling o Translation and proofreading of dialogue lists for feature film dubbing
  • Voiceover in any foreign language (with mother tongue proficiency)
  • An accelerated process of translation authentication – as a partner to the Official Bureau of Translation and Authentication (OFFI)

 We rent our state-of-the-art digital simultaneous interpreting equipment using red transmission out for events .

In the past five years, the Company has provided highly qualified translators, interpreters and proof-readers for courses, seminars and conferences held on the subjects of vocational training, employment, law harmonisation, public administration, state administration, auditing, finance, law enforcement, crime prevention and forensic sciences. The number of pages translated in the relevant fields until the end of 2006 amounted to a minimum of 60,000 pages, while the number of interpreter-days reached nine thousand. The total of pages translated by our company averages to seven thousand per year. According to our current registration, L.C. Bt. maintains a regular work relationship with approximately 150 translators.

In the Book of Lists published by Budapest Business Journal, our company has always been among the top five translation and interpretating agencies in Hungary.

L.C. Betéti Társaság provides translation and interpretation services to the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), the International Training Centre of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement (MoJ ITC), and the Central European Police Academy (CEPA) run by the same ministry. The International Programme Office of the MOJ ITC, which hosted the series of events called PHARE-ENFOPOL 118 – with professional supervision from AEPC seated in Holland – has always been a key client to us. The above institutions have placed orders with our company for no less than 4500 interpreter days and the translation of the related background materials – approximately 19 thousand pages.

Our company has regularly rendered translation and interpretation assignments to Capital Consulting Finance since 1990. Since 1999, we regularly render translation and interpreting for OPEL SE Kft./General Motors Kft and GM Daewoo Kft./Chevrolet Kft., out of and into each of the global languages (English, German, Spanish, French), as well as also rare languages (Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, etc.). The subjects have primarily included economics, controlling, finance, accounting, technical subjects, customs, and law. In the past years, we completed a minimum of 80 interpreter days and the translation and proofreading of associated materials – approximately 5000 pages.

A milestone for the Company was the tender “HU98/IB/JH/01 – Training in areas of combating criminal activity” in February 2001, which brought us nearly 2200 pages of translation in the field of law enforcement, public administration, finance, financial crime, money laundering, accounting, state administration, prosecution of crime, as well as law out of and into Hungarian and German, English and rare languages, in addition to 250 interpreter days. In the course of translating documents and cooperating with technical proofreaders, our translators have acquired a detailed in-depth knowledge of the technical terms used in law enforcement (primarily terrorism, cross-border crime and financial crime investigation, witness protection, cooperation between the ministries of the interior and justice), and in other areas of internal affairs and finance (Hungarian law, EU acquis communautaire, aliens policing, and investigation by the Customs and Excise Guard and the tax authority).

As a result of an open public procurement tender, our company became the exclusive provider of translation for, a the Ministry of the Interior (currently called the Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development) in 2004. Translation rendered for the International Department and the EU Cooperation Bureau of the MoI under this project exceeded 2500 pages. Languages included English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, in addition to rare languages. Our company’s team of experts provided technical interpreters and translators for the presentations of British/American, French, Austrian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian lecturers/presenters, as well as rendering the same services in the countries represented by the participants on visits paid by Hungarian delegations.

Our company has also been appointed as an exclusive translation and interpreting agency by the State Audit Office, as a result of an open public procurement procedure. Our contract is valid until the end of 2010. Under this project, we render interpreting and translation services out of and into English, German, French. Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Italian, Slovakian, Vietnamese and other rare languages. In addition to working from these languages into Hungarian, we have also performed English-German, English-French, English-Russian, etc. interpretation and translation.

Since January 2007, our company has provided translation and interpreting services to the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (HFSA) as the exclusive translation agency appointed in an open public procurement tendering procedure. Our contract is for an indefinite term.

It is rarely emphasized that our company operates in the form of a limited partnership, which represents a key element of quality assurance and (unlimited) liability, inasmuch as that the members bear unlimited financial liability for the services rendered.


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