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Mostly after the accession to the EU, our country has become a preferred centre for international conference tourism. The participants may arrive from all over the world, and events require interpretation equipment in increasing quantities and quality. Our company is virtually the only translation and interpretation agency in Hungary that owns interpretation systems, booths and further accessories that comply with the standards of the European Union. Consequently, we can deliver interpretation services in addition to the indispensable interpretation equipment and devices to our clients – up to an audience of 100.

Although the importance of English language skills is widely recognised, simultaneous interpretation is still needed practically in all international events, which assigns a key role to interpreters with excellent language skills and to a high standard technical background. Interpreters are assisted in bridging language difficulties by proper working conditions (soundproof, well-ventilated and comfortable interpretation booths), technically, hygienically and aesthetically acceptable devices (receivers and headsets), as well as high sound quality. Our interpretation booths meet the above requirements and those of ISO.

TTS 300 is a versatile wireless system¬ used for tourist guidance and interpretation. Due to the variable frequency and UHF technology, when used in the 863/865 MHz range, it complies with even the strictest requirements set for museum or factory visits, but it can also be used for simple interpreting at meetings and press conferences. These can be used by up to eight groups simultaneously indoors or outdoors, even in noisy environments. The system functions reliably even in extreme circumstances. It can be used in multi-language conferences, demonstrations and meetings, and also as a wireless simultaneous interpretation system.

Our company also engages in renting state-of-the-art Philips and Bosch digital and analogue infrared interpretation and conference systems, sound systems and other audiovisual devices. We deliver complete technical solutions for conferences both in Hungary and abroad. We have interpretation equipment and accessories in quantities and quality unique in Hungarian circumstances.

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Services using translation equipment:

• sounding with wired and wireless microphones

• conference systems with wired interpretation functions

• digital infrared (wireless) interpretation equipment

• ISO standard interpretation booths in two or three-interpreter configurations

• headsets for audiences of hundreds • sounding

• projector or a computer suitable for projection

• other devices of visual technology (overhead projectors, slide projectors, visual aids)

• mobile interpretation systems up to 40 persons (e.g. for plant visits, exhibition guiding, escort interpretation)

• installing video conference systems

• delivering and installing interpretation devices and equipment


References for rentals:

• ministries

• municipalities

• U.S. Embassy

• British Embassy

• EU and NATO organisations

• General Motors Hungary Kft.

• Chevrolet Motors Hungary Kft.

• General Electric - Tungsram

• SOTE Health Manager Training Centre

• Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ)

• MLSZ Coach Training Centre • UNDP

• World Bank • HUMUSZ Alliance

• International Organization for Migration

• Hilton Budapest and Westend

• Hotel Korona

• Hotel Gellért

• Grand Hotel Margitsziget

• Hotel Budapest

• Thermal Hotel Hélia

• Thermal Hotel Margitsziget

• Hotel Flamenco

• Fortuna Event Boat

• Hotel Residence, Siófok

• and other embassies, banks and multinational companies


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