3. What are A, B and C languages?

It is an order indicating the ranking of languages in terms of command for multilingual translators and interpreters. Some are not willing to speak or translate into their B or C languages, while they reliably and confidently “receive” from these languages.

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5. Miért L.C. Bt. az iroda neve?

Kérjük, tekintse meg a Miért L.C. Bt.? almenüpontot!


2. What is a pivot language?

A pivot language is a selected working language into/out of which everything is translated by simultaneous interpreters that also work in other languages. (It is generally used in cases when more than two languages are used at a conference.) E.g.: in case of an event where English, Russian, Hungarian and Serbian are used as working languages, and all the interpreters cannot be expected to speak all languages, English is selected as the pivot language, and the interpreters are chosen as speakers of English and Russian, English and Hungarian, English and Serbian, respectively.


4. Is simultaneous interpreting from French into Croatian feasible in Hungary, or can it be organised out of Hungary?

The chief objective of our company is to “connect” eastern and western languages, which means that we employ experts in Hungary and abroad, who have an excellent command of one or two eastern and one or two western languages, and are highly qualified translators and interpreters; in short, the answer is YES.


1. What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation?

simultaneous interpretationSimultaneous interpreting (in other words, conference interpreting) means interpreting performed in a booth, and received by the audience through headphones,. As opposed to this, consecutive interpreting is the so-called traditional interpreting, which entails subsequent translation of what has been said, broken down to units of time and/or content.


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